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Queen City Electric, Cincinnati, OH

Our Services

Queen City Electric is a leading electrical contractor in the Greater- Cincinnati area.

We have the skill and experience to perform any size project.

• Electrical troubleshooting and repair
Circuit tripping for no reason?  Electronic door failing? Light poles not working or downed, Feeder problem? Motorized equipment failing? Complex machinery stopped? Regardless of your electrical problem, when things aren’t working, call QCE. We have the experience and ability to troubleshoot and repair it quickly.

• Equipment and machine power installation
Relocating or installing machinery or equipment that requires a dedicated power drop or specialized outlet, QCE has the industrial experience to do it right. We’ve wired everything from overhead cranes and large machine tools to a small office copiers and computer servers.

• Facility expansion
Renovating or expanding your facility.  Whether a tank farm, shop, warehouse, classroom, lab, retail space, or office, QCE can assist you in the electrical design and installation of the electrical equipment. Our construction team has the experience to handle the most complex projects.

• Energy efficient lighting installation and fixture upgrades
If you haven’t converted to energy efficient lighting, substantial savings may be available to you.  Many energy efficient lighting installations pay for themselves in less than 18 month in energy savings. QCE is one of the most experienced electrical contractors in the region in this technology. We have retrofitted 10s of thousands of fixtures, saving our clients hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in electrical bills. We can also help you apply for one of the many utility company rebates for upgrading to energy efficient lighting.

• Electrical service upgrades
Whether replacing an old or failing service or upgrading a main service for added power capacity, QCE has the know how to do the job right. We have completed 100s of such jobs for companies and institutions since our founding in 1997.

• Generator and UPS installation, startup and testing
In the power-intensive, highly-competitive world, losing power can mean stopped production or closing your office, resulting in a loss of revenue or even customers. QCE can install an emergency standby generator to provide backup power. Both diesel and natural gas powered generators are available. Diesel powered generators are typically more efficient, but may require more upkeep, and normally are available with either 24 and 48 hour fuel reserves.

• Industrial control wiring (PLC, motor controls, conveyor control system, etc.)
QCE was founded on helping manufacturers and other companies using PLCs and control devices to maintain their systems. This includes a wide spectrum of systems in use at power plants, water treatment facilities, and food processing operations. Our electricians have wired and repaired some of the most complex control systems that incorporate a multitude of control devices.

• Security, parking lot, garage, and warehouse lighting
Whether your lighting is located inside or out, if you need it upgraded, replaced due to damage, or repaired due to electrical issues, QCE has the experience and equipment to get the job done. If you haven’t upgraded your lighting to energy efficient units, QCE can also help you make the transition.

• Hazardous location wiring
Properly and safely installing and maintaining electrical devices in hazardous locations is a unique capability of QCE.  For years we have worked with manufacturers and laboratories in steel mills, mines, gas plants, chemical production facilities, and research institutions to complete their more challenging electrical work. We are familiar with the unique electrical code requirements and special equipment & devices that are required.

• Fire alarm system installation
QCE employs electricians who are trained and licensed in the installation of fire alarm systems. We have worked with all the major alarm system suppliers and offer design assistance, as well as installation and maintenance services. We have installed fire alarm system wiring for panels and devices including pull stations, smoke detectors, flow & tamper devices, horns & strobes, and monitored sprinkler systems. We’ve worked on fire systems in offices, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, apartments and government buildings..

• Key-card door entry, nurse call, and emergency reporting systems
QCE has experience installing and maintaining security key-card door entry systems, camera wiring and reporting stations such as Code Blue®. We’ve worked in a wide-range of institutions and facilities, including condominiums, multi-tenant buildings, office structures, and hospitals.

• Network and phone system wiring and fiber installation
QCE has experience working in the telecommunications and computer networking area. We know how to install racking & ladder systems, and pull wire and fiber-optic cable efficiently and to code, both inside & outside, underground & overhead.

• High-voltage wiring & transformer installation
QCE has experience installing 15kv systems, splicing & terminating high-voltage wiring and installing and maintaining unit substations, power transformers, & high-voltage switches.


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